Pictures of Bats

These pictures of bats are in turn delightful and interesting, cute and perhaps a little bizarre at times....

Artibeus neo tropical fruit bats in a leaf
This cute, curious pair of bats belongs to the Phyllostomidae (leaf-nosed) family. They feed on fruit and sometimes pollen and insects. They use leaves to protect themselves from the elements and they also make a good hiding place from predators.
A fruit bat (flying fox) in the Maldives
This amazing fruit bat photo was taken by Stefanino123 in the Maldives. He's got lots of other great pictures in his Flickr photostream.
Grey headed fruit bat

Grey-headed flying foxes (or fruit bats) are found in Australia and feed on pollen and nectar as well as fruit.

Grey headed flying fox
Another Grey-headed flying fox, this time displaying a huge wingspan
Circling fruit bats in Sri Lanka
Fruit bats in Sri Lanka
lesser long nosed bat and Mexican long tongued bat
A lesser long nosed and a Mexican long-tongued bat at a feeder
Cave myotis
Cave Myotis in a cave roost. These bats are native to Central America and the south-western states of North America.
Pteropus giganteus Indian flying fox
Despite its name, the Indian flying fox is found in quite a few places in Asia including Nepal and China.
Tadarida brasiliensis Mexican free-tailed bat
A Mexican free-tailed bat can achieve speeds of up to 60 mph (97 kmh)!
Mauritian Tomb bats
This photo of a pair of Mauritian Tomb bats and the one above were found at Wikimedia Commons

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into the weird and wonderful world of this fascinating mammal and more photos are on their way :-)

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