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Does the thought of bats make your skin crawl? Or do you find these furry mammals fascinating? Either way, I hope you'll find something in this site that will delight and surprise you. And maybe even make you like them a little bit if you're not too keen on them at the moment :-)

Have you ever wondered what these shy creatures get up to during the day and night? The answers are a short click away on the behavior page, where an insect-eating pipistrelle spills the goods...

And speaking of insects, guess what else these nocturnal animals eat?

lesser long nosed bat and Mexican long tongued bat

The answers may surprise you!

SURPRISE FACT: A little brown bat can eat up to 1,200 blood-sucking mosquitoes a night. How's that for effective pest control?! (No offense meant if you're a mosquito fan...)

There's loads more stuff here like tips on how to attract them, information on humane removal and even a page on their poop (or to be more respectful, guano). So make yourself at home and have a look round :-)

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